Replacement GameBoy Light Parts!


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  1. 600 grit…..yikes! I use tamiya filler for the deep dings. I then use 1500 grit and then 2000 grit on my GBLs. You don’t need to remove all the paint, just scuff it so the primer adheres better.

  2. Hey Elliot, glad you like my stickers 🙂
    What an amazing Channel. I wish you nothing but success in your future videos.
    I'll keep on watching for sure.

  3. You can use a brush-on resin to fill the stepping between layers. That'll make it easier to sand, and you won't weaken it. XTC Smooth-On is one.

  4. I was incredibly lucky a few years ago and stumbled across a GameBoy Light in Gold, great condition and fully working for £7 in a second hand shop. It is my absolute favourite console to date!

  5. If there are flaws in the surface after you sand your primer, just lay another coat and sand it again. Repeat until perfect. If the flaw in the primed surface is really bad, give it a dab of finishing putty and sand it before applying another coat of primer. Ideally you want to have a finely sanded (min 600 grit) coat of primer with no bare spots.

    Also, try to always use a sanding block, it's next to impossible to get a flat surface with your fingers. Just glue paper onto different size dowels and blocks. If all you want to do is scuff a surface, scotchbrite pad works well at getting into hard to reach places.

  6. You say that you cannot replace the power switch, but I have found that lightly filing a Game Boy Pocket power switch to work just fine!

  7. I didn't know they were so different i thought gameboy lights where just pockets with a backlight just like the gba sp and the the new brighter screen sp

  8. Although I will most probably never return a GBL it was good to learn about where to get parts and such! I'm a hard core GBA Sp person myself!

  9. Elliot, thanks for posting your great content. Notice you buy a lot of gameboys from China… what sites do you go to ?

  10. Little tip to avoid sanding 3d printed parts to get a smooth finish.
    If you put some acetone on tissue then suspend your parts above it in a jar, the fumes will 'melt' the surface causing it to blend the bumps between the printed layers.
    'DIY Perks' has a great video on it. Personally found a few of my prints feel stronger too! 😀

  11. So I just got a refurb Game Boy Light that isn't in the best shape… What I would like to know is: could you take the screen from a Game Boy Light and transplant it in a Game Boy Pocket? Effectively it'd be a backlit GB Pocket…

  12. That painted shell came out tops mate. Good job. For the 3D printed parts, what I find that helps to get rid of that texture is giving it a coat of MS or HS primer (easily found at auto parts stores) then giving it a nice wet sand with either 600 or 800 grit. Usually works really well. Great video.


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