Restoring a GameBoy Cartridge with Corrosion (TMNT Fall of the Foot Clan)


In this video, I take a worn out game cartridge and restore it by removing the corrosion on the front of the PCB, re-flowing solder onto the PCB chip pins, and placing the game PCB in a new cartridge shell with a new sticker. I apologize if my right thumb is a distraction in the video. It’s a bad stress habit.

Replacement GameBoy cartridge shell:
Replacement TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan Sticker:

Music by Eric Skiff.

Screwbits for Gameboy Color Cartridge:

Basic Multimeter:
Fiberglass Scratch Pen Brush:
Hobbyist knife set:

Hakko FX888D Starter Soldering Station:
Hakko T18-S7 Bevel Tip:
Kester Solder 63/37 .015 Diameter:
Kester Soldering Flux Pen:

Soldering Fan (or make sure you are near a window):

Isopropyl Alcohol can be found at your pharmacy or grocery store. Make sure to get 91% or higher.

Cotton Swabs can also be found at your local pharmacy or grocery store.

Videos that helped me with the basics of soldering:
-Hakko Review and Soldering Tip Care:
-Hakko Demo:

-Real vs. Counterfeit Hakko:
-How to SMD Solder:

-Desoldering without Hot Air (Only for dead components):

-Louis Rossmann’s Channel:

-TronicsFix’s Channel:
-RetroRepair’s Channel:


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