RETURN TO SKYRIM | Dan Bull & Harry Partridge [Throwback Edition]


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== LYRICS ==
By the nine, it’s been five long years since I’ve come here
so I think I’m perfectly entitled to cry one tear
and now I want beer
And I need a mead and thanks to this bucket we don’t have to buy one here
I’ve just baked up a fresh batch of sweetrolls, would you like one dear?
I should head back to my Hearthfire before the Dawnguard start lecturing
but my belly’s full and inventory’s empty so we’d better get adventuring
Pick up a weapon
then pick a direction
then pick a dungeon that we’re entering
no fast travel, just treasuring every texture that’s rendering
Reliving our memories and carving out some new ones
With newer and shinier hardware you can do whatever you want
Is it just me or have mods made this world change in odd ways
My frosty droplets of snot are thawed under the God rays
they drip in the mountain water, glistening
trickling sounds are sort of twinkling
Rippling out I’m sure if you’re listening
your hair’s on end and your pores are tingling
My legacy, odyssey, elegy, prophecy’s better than ever
You’re probably getting euphoric and wobbly
In bed in pyjamas
but it feels like ebony armor
It’s Godly
I am the Dragonborn and thus I’m dragging you back to my birthplace
I’ve got unfinished business, I never did the main quest in the first place
So many side missions, civil wars, guilds and factions
How can I ever 100% a game that filled with distractions
refractions and reflections
weapon sets and plant collections
never ending
Harry… uh, Harry.


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  1. i wonder what will come out when the actual TES VI trailer comes out
    cause you need to remember what came out in 2018 was a mere teaser it didn't even tell us where it takes place
    but still

  2. Very late comment, but is the background music posted anywhere? I love the rap but the Skyrim theme with that extra beat is just flames

  3. Настолько качественное видео, но такая слабая у него отдача(

  4. Don't care how old the videos are, they're still amazing classics, so well done!
    I just wish was uploaded more often xD

  5. I don't know what it is but I kinda like your version more. Probably because the the audio is where I feel that it's better

  6. Oh right. Skyrim. I remember. I had a complete meltdown over the civil war questline, where I could not figure out what side my character would be on. So I never played past that part, and instead spent hundreds of hours elsewhere, or playing with mods.

  7. And Youtube brings me back here. You should check out Skyrim Together. I'm sure you would get some good content off of that!


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