Samsung SSD 860 EVO vs 850 EVO – Comparison


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This video compares Samsung SSD 860 EVO with 850 EVO. I really hope you enjoy it. If so, hit that like button. Feel free to subscribe if you like what I’m doing. Also, don’t hesitate to point out any possible mistakes made in the video on PM or down in the comment section.

CPU: Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.7 GHz
RAM: 16 GB 2666 MHz DDR4
Mobo: Asus Z170 Pro Gaming
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

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  1. It's not a true test though, many factors can change load times of software and programs, such as photoshop. I.e Heat to a C.P.U a hidden program running in background.

    But under real Lab conditions the 860 Evo is better but just on read speeds. Everything else is exactly the same…

  2. Dear Sir,
    I would like to request you to help me as early as possible..

    I have HP machine Intel Core 2 Duo with DDR2 RAM Size=4GB, Hard Disk Size=250GB
    Now I want to Replace Old Hard Disk by SSD Hard Disk samsung 860 evo 250 GB OR 500 GB.

    Is it possible for This CPU OR have to go with samsung 850 evo ?

    If you have any specifications on this issue… Please Share over here

    I have to buy this as early as possible for my study purposes with help and support of yours

    Kind Regards,

    Basavaraj, India.

  3. I've got an 850 Evo in my PS4 pro and I can tell you from experience it's worth it. For example in shadow of the tomb raider my respawn time went from 10-15 seconds to about 1 second. I imagine the 860 would preform well too but I only paid $60 u.s. the deals are out there.

  4. I don't see a single reason for those who already have 850 to get 860. Weird. And just now I was ready to go get an 860 EVO 512GB. Now not only I'll reconsider, I simply won't. Despite my blind support for Samsung SSDs. I have Z390 Chipset which gets 2 M.2 SSDs with embedded coolers, too, but still too expensive. I'll wait a little more for the price to drop. Literally double price. 90 euros for 860 512GB and 180 euros for the M.2 860 EVO NVMe.

  5. Or try the Crucial BX500. it's like a Samsung 850 EVO for far less, $26, with a 3-year warranty. They both use 3D NAND, which is more reliable than the 2D used in most budget SSDs. Crucial have good customer service, unlike Samsung.

    About 5% of SSDs fail in the first 3 years, regardless of make.

    Unless you have lots & lots of RAM you also need a hard drive because the swap/page file needs to be stored there.

    The TRIM command lets the drive wipe old data that's no longer being used (SSDs can't overwrite data so they have to put it into blank cells). It's important to issue manual TRIM commands so that all software using the drive can be closed first, including Web browsers & office-suite software. Use the TRIM command in your operating system at least every 2-6 weeks.

  6. You should do another one comparing the 860 vs 960.

    To see in a day to day basis if it is really usefull to have a nvme ssd in a gamer pc.

  7. @skueztech

    Please review m.2 nvme samsung 960/970 versus m.2 nvme wd black please…. (capacity free)


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