Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island


Secret Mission: The Forgotten Island for PC:

The Military has hired world-renowned scientist Chanel Flores to explore a mysterious island that has suddenly appeared in the Bermuda Triangle! During her flight to the island, a mysterious electrical fog engulfed her plane, and forced her to parachute to safety. Help Chanel explore the island, and make her way back to her ship in Secret Mission The Forgotten Island, a fun and exciting Hidden Object game.

* Gorgeous atmosphere
* Perplexing puzzles
* Explore the island!
* Check out our complete game walkthrough at
* Get the Strategy Guide at


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  1. @mingo328 Click on the 'Show More' options below the video, there is a link to the complete walk through there. That should help you out!

  2. alot of puzzles….good graphics, interesting story line! i put it on hard to start for the trial, very good game!


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