Secrets at Tau's living quarters – SOMA? Not scared! #21


Welcome to SOMA everyone. I’ll be doing this for the plot, not the scares. Does that sound fresh enough?

Yeah, this it the brand new horror title by Frictional Games, and this time, unlike A Machine for Pigs, it’s designed by the same guy who designed Amnesia: The Dark Descent. So if my experience with that game is anything to go by, SOMa is gonna be filled with pshycological horror, rather than simple jumpscares.

So I though that, maybe, just maybe, it’d be a good idea to do a kind of challenge thing type of deal, this “I’m not scared” challenge I’m starting here (I think). I’m gonna try to be as objective, calm and composed as possible, as the game throws itself at me, the best it can. And if I’m scared, I loose!

Or maybe I don’t! We’ll find out, I guess.

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