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After playing through SOMA again, I was compelled to share some interesting details and easter eggs I missed on my first playthrough.

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  1. The key code to David Munshi's office is 2501.
    This is obviously a reference to the first Ghost in the Shell movie. In it Project 2501 was an AI developped by the government to their dirty deeds, but it developped selfe awareness and went rogue.

  2. If you play on "Safe mode", the first robot you meet after leaving Upsilon can sometimes be heard a bit of "boy-talk". The same for the one at the shipping yard.

  3. The Penumbra nod really went over my head, I'm glad you spotted it though! I've watched/listen to a number of playthroughs of this game, and I never picked up on that or seen some of the stuff shown here.
    Also, at 4:06 I could'nt quite tell what was going on there, is that a reference or is it one of those monsters from the curie?

  4. The book in Simon's nightstand in 2015 eerily foreshadows the Wau:

    "Diana's paradise turns into a nightmare as swimmers are caught in thousands of thin strings stretching from somewhere below the waves. Slowly, swimmers are pulled screaming into the dark water. Desperate to get out of harms way their seven-year-old son, Charlie, is caught by the vicious tendrils."

  5. Some fun stuff:
    None of the monsters can jump, so standing on tables is a great way to avoid monsters.
    At Delta, one of the Zeppelins has a brain scan of a man named Allen. You can speak with him by using the"echo" button on one of the terminals.

  6. I played it a week ago because it was free on psn.
    Its definetly underrated and i dont get how i didnt heard of this game in 2015.

    Frictional games is a very unique and interisting developer studio…unlike ea.
    That game rocked

  7. Just finish the game last week and I adore it! Even though it is really emotional…..(Also, I let the WAU live cause…..why not? Its not EVIL, it was trying to make life better???? but it is doing it in a wrong way….idk. This game is confusing as hell)

  8. Thank you for saying “Mr” Munchie instead of “Dr” … I don’t know why that bothers me when other reviewers call him Dr. even though he himself corrects you the player when you make the same error.

  9. I think I'm a bit too late, but my brother jumped into the abyss with the new suit, and there was this disorted cutscene. I'm not sure what it was, but it looked like Catherine was in there.

  10. 2:58…… ok. WHO THE FRAK SENT THOSE MESSAGES?! I mean, there's still technically people at Theta, but none of them are in shape to answer the comms, but there's no one left at Omicron except one bonkers Proxy (which ain't talking) and Dr. Ross (who that doesn't sound like).


    Most people will probably miss it on their first playthrough, but when you wake up in Upsilon, you do so in Imogen Reed's body. You can find her blood stains leading up to the pilot chair, and the stains lead to a break in the wall where that weird metal mess is poking through. What happened was Reed went to Upsilon to shut the power station down (in hopes of disabling WAU), which also shut down ventilation, causing Reed to suffocate. WAU then transferred her corpse to that room with the pilot chair (seemingly moving her body through the walls) and copied Simon's brain scan into it.


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