SOMA: Data Recovery (supersecret stuff, game changes, scrapped content, development)


Frictional Games’ SOMA comes packaged with a supersecret zip file containing artwork, design documents, and videos from the game’s development process. I wanted to show this off, but not just drop a bunch of jpegs set to music. So, I dove into SOMA’s texture files, 3D models, and sound files as well, piled everything together, and tried to paint a picture of what SOMA was going to look like earlier in its development, what was changed, what was dropped from the game, and so on. All the music in this video is straight from SOMA’s game files as well, including some unused tracks. Hope you enjoy.

The March 2013 Vertical Slice video included in the zip file is uploaded to my channel and has annotations to provide more context:

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  1. From elsewhere:

    "Someone there asking how do you get 5314 code?

    The code is written on Brandon Wan's pink wristband. You can check it on his corpse in theta lab."

  2. Now I understand why the WAU stuff never goes anywhere in the actual game. I get what they where going for: The ark and the dreams are almost the same thing, so it would be like "Why you think one is bad and the other is good?" maybe? A shame so much stuff got cut.

  3. Im quite satisfied from the conversation of those two in the end . Just what i need after finishing the game.

  4. The Suit guy's dialog, the one about WAU being to blame. Construct, first enemy who bashes the guy into a pulp has sounds that sound like she (yeah, i'm on the theory that Construct is a scan of Imongen Reed) is blaming someone and the sound that sounds like "shut up" when she beats the guy to death

  5. If I was rich I would fund frictional games to make a separate version of SOMA with all the cut ideas in it.

  6. Toronto (3:15)
    "Summer is coming, hope to get one"

    Upsilon (6:57)
    "I just need to get back!"

    Lambda (15:22)
    "Be quiet! Don't look at it!"

    Delta/Theta (19:02)
    "I would like to come to Theta, let Delta sleep"

    Omicron (27:54)
    "I don't feel so different, but the world sure does"

    Tau (33:19)
    "What a crazy thing this was, life…"

    Alpha (34:52)
    "We're so close now… hurry!"

    Phi (36:05)
    "Is this…? Did it work?"

  7. The AI was doing exactly what Simon is trying to do. Keep them alive and happy. Just it didn't know exactly how and it's method was….creepy

  8. This remains the only horror game to scare me, not by jumpscaring, but due to the moral questions it raises.

  9. The dev. Crew: «ok so how can we make sure that fans will be able to access the super secret files?» Random employee: «ok hear me out guy, you know the toilet at simons place..»

  10. I heard some people think it would be better without the ark ending because it cheapens the blow for the precredits ending. Honestly, I think it makes the blow worse. To see a digital heaven before the eyes of our player, after suffering so much…yet, I cannot shake the thought in my head, something Simon clearly left out of his own, that back on Earth, his copy now sits on the bottom of the ocean, alone, in absolute darkness, forced to wait out his own end.
    One got heaven, one got hell.

  11. Is there commentary for why they changed the content? Would love to know what was for creative reasons and what was for budget/time reasons.

  12. So Akers isn't talking shit, he really puts people into sleep and they see nice dreams, it's like a live in an ARK, he doesn't seem like a bad guy now. Am I wrong?

  13. That would be pretty cool and interesting to have Cathrine injected into the suit. Like how would that feel for Simon.two consciousness in one body thats odd but cool at the same time.

  14. I tried reading through the super-secret folder myself, but I did not find nearly as much as you did. Overall, the presentation of this video and the amount of detail you put into it is just excellent.

  15. I just finished this game a few days ago and it was a trip. And some of this cut content is really interesting like they had a whole different set up before starting over. And now I am searching for analysis videos because it was so interesting.


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