SOMA Ep18- The Secrets of Tau


Sorry again for the issues. We find some very interesting stuff at Tau and begin our journey with the ARK to Phi.

SOMA is a survival horror game made by Frictional Games, the same developer who made the horror classic Amnesia. It follows the story of a young man named Simon Jarret who undergoes a procedure in an attempt to fix a malignant brain injury. This is short lived as something goes awry during this procedure and Simon is cast into a strange place in the middle of a horrible turmoil. He must then find out what has happened to him and attempt to uncover the mysteries surrounding both his situation and the place he has woken up in.

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Art by Shave Davidson

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  1. This game looks incredibly creepy and awesome at the same time. Seems to have a good story I'm definitely going to have to watch from the first episode

  2. Sweet Video, Droped a Sub. If You want you can Sub back lol. Keep Up The great Work 🙂
    Looking forward to your next vids.


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