SOMA – Part 4 – Catherine's Secret


Today we’ve got some more SOMA, as we explore the Theta facility. We’ve stumbled across Catherine’s old room and lab, learning a lot more about how she’s connected to the disaster, and finding some dark hints about what she might have done to the other residents of the ARK…

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  1. Kinda shows how nihilistic the gaming industry is when were given a philosophical question that ultimately has no answer that our consciousnesses can fathom, in a lot of play throughs people are extremely skeptical of Catherine drawing artificial conclusions to the mystery of the ark. There isn’t any twist concerning the ark, the robots confused about being in the ark or not don’t know if they are or aren’t in it because they went through the exact same thing as Simon, except in their cases they were anticipating transferring into a new world so they knew something about transferring but just like Catherine said the brain can only artificially interpret its new habitat as a human body because that’s all the brain knows what reality is, otherwise the user will go insane because of the unfamiliar world. The options the game gives you isn’t based on black/white good/bad options, it’s the grey areas it offers as a choice for the humanitarian option. Just because the physical manifestation of the WAU is stereotypical scary bad doesn’t transfer to the consciousness of the people integrated into the WAU. The WAU heals you so therefore it’s good? But the WAU creates all the scary monsters so therefore it’s bad? But the WAU only creates the monsters to integrate the mind to save humanity so therefore it’s good? But in saving the last remaining humans it destroys the human body so therefore it’s bad? But it’s only destroying the human body and creating artificial lungs and heart to prolong the human life so therefore it’s good? If you read between the lines of the morality you have serious philosophical questions to ponder that you could never objectively answer
    Also this is why the human race has always invented ridiculous religions, rather than individually ponder and question what is right/wrong the human race enjoys enslaving itself with ideology to appease the question of morality and life itself.

  2. The thing about Reed is for before she copied WAUs scan method. The original method she says was imperfect, so she copied WAUs perfect scan technique. She discovered this from Reed being to real for the other scans.

  3. i like how jon manages to stay calm and not freak out under pressure like other youtubers who play horror games sometimes.

  4. I assumed that the Reed who "wouldn't play nice" was the WAU's Reed, and it was "too real" because it was actually a copy of Reed's consciousness rather than the "flat" scans Catherine had the ability to do without the WAU.

  5. screams
    your neurons don''t change or replace themselves, we are only our brains and our mind, that is how we stay the same, that is our identity
    thank you

  6. When you're solving the memory puzzle, every time you hover over an option it'll display the requirements for that module. So you basically just have to strip out everything then find the minimal set of dependencies that will allow it to run (a scan, water, and a light source – the various options thereof each having different requirements). There are consistent configurations you could arrive at from selecting yellow options that would still be too big, so I guess you got lucky first try!

  7. Jarret seems to have taken the fact that he's now a female zombie/robot pretty well. If that was me I'd need to go just sit down for a while

  8. Not sure if you know this or not but on the official site for this game are two videos that involve Reed, and the Mocking Bird, and the Simulation that Reed saw a copy of herself in.

  9. Might i recommend Alien: Isolation? It's got a similarly pleasing 'weight' to the thing, especially in regards to the tools and weapons. Also its not outright scary, because we know what the alien is, but its more about tension buildup. I think it would do well on the channel!

  10. The tampon brand name was Stopsel. I guess that's derived from the German word Stöpsel, which means plug.

  11. Huh so Munshi and Wei's project was the basis for the Pilot seats, and Jarrett was the first scan besides themselves, one of the files they actually base all the AI of WAU on. It is no wonder you are being healed by the WAU when you interract with it…maybe the big twist is that the first uploaded version of you is actualy the original WAU?

  12. I'm liking this story a lot more. Simon is running Catherine's agenda and she's seeming more and more sketchy. The Ark is sounding a lot less 'save humanity-y' and Simon-bot appears to be less than he thinks he is.
    Pondering the name of the game, I'm wondering if we are dealing with some kind of recursive story line.

  13. I sort of disagree with your decision to keep erasing the scans.
    I mean, sure, they're probably not going to take it well, but you're taking that choice away from them and technically murdering a sentient being. Think of snuffing the life out of a coma patient with a pillow just because you think he won't adjust after he wakes.
    But that means I'm thinking of an AI program as a human…

    Truly a fascinating game.

  14. I love all of your Fallout series most of all, but honestly, this one is flipping awesome. I am highly intrigued by this game and I really enjoy watching you play it, but the best part is is that now I don't have to play it, and I can just live it vicariously through you, Jon. Many thanks, much love, and keep doing great things!

  15. Cant wait till he gets to the Abyss! I wasnt super impressed with this game, but that was a really cool section! The out door sections anyway!

  16. When Catherine said "She was my . . . she was nice to me." I don't think it was because Imogen was her girlfriend. Otherwise she'd be more distraught. I think it's more because Catherine thinks no one likes her. (They keep blaming her for the suicides after all.) She was going to say "friend", but Catherine dosn't think she has any friends.

  17. Wait, what? They used the brain scan of someone with brain damage as a template for their A.I. and they wonder why everything is going haywire.

  18. Not gonna lie, this episode scared me a bit. Can you just throw things to lead those…whatever they are…away from you? Seems like that would be useful, especially if they're where you need to be.

    Catherine's becoming more and more interesting all the time. I still don't think she's trustworthy, but she doesn't seem insincere either, if that makes any sense. Just kind of selective about her honesty, which is still a big, waving, glowing red flag.


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