SOMA: The Path Least Treaded [SECRET ENDING 5]


** NEW TITLE: Extinction: Echoes of Rain ** A complete walkthrough showing how to get the secret Ending 5.
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00:00 Intro
00:06 Beginning (Home)
00:28 Outside the Facility
01:02 Falling Down
01:10 Lower Facility Tunnels
02:01 Control Room (Pull Lever / Use Terminal / Unlock Storage)
04:30 Flow Control A (Underwater / Flesher)
09:32 Flow Control B (Pressure Valves Puzzle / Jin Yoshida)
12:13 Remove Lockdown at Terminal
13:58 Exit
14:50 Security Office (Initiate Alarm / Remove Lockdown)
17:51 Maintenance Tunnels (Offices / Vents)
18:45 Red Offices / Vents
21:55 Upper Facility Tunnels (Climbing Up / Blue Area / Green Area)
25:57 Outside the Facility
26:30 Ending 5 of 5

by Draugemalf:
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  1. I wonder what happened to Kate, did they suffocate her with the tentacles or what? (17:25)
    And where did the Proxy's screech come from at 19:59??

  2. wth is this? this isnt soma , also geez what half-assed voice acting in comparison. -falls inot water – ' blah blah swim" , "kate blah blah blah" , the place is in lock down "what? blah blah blah" ffs drone on some more why dont you

  3. Who can read that fast? You've been showing your text too quick. I always had to stop the video to read your messages…

  4. Ohhhhhhhh I get it now, so ol dude on SOMA was going up to the weird things on the walls disgusted looking goop and "talking" to whatever it was but it still had a concious and when he did so it woke them up and made em realize what distraught reality they live in….
    Lol the world we live in today

  5. wish the voice acting wasnt garbage- guy sounds like he woke up at 3 am and said fuckit lets just do this on the first or second take

  6. 20:38 the way he says that just made me laugh considering he's taking the item from a blob of flesh and blood

  7. The voice for the main character is freaking awful!

    He says
    "What the hell was that?"
    With zero emotion, the voice actor kills the suspense of the situation…

  8. For me? I just told myself that he was in the ARK but because his 'personality copy' was made a century before, the WAU could easily transfer thru his than the others' so it piggybacked onto his 'copy' and the ARK was as infected by WAU as the poor souls and sealife were until he passed on Josh's[?] virus. After all, Simon WAS infected by WAU after he chooses to 'infect' it to stop it spreading to the undersea life on Earth but he was immune – though still a carrier – and the WAU infectee [Josh?] got eaten before he could kill Simon [no co-inkedink, methinks] so the WAU passes on into the ARK.
    But what the WAU doesn't know is that Simon's 'copy' was taken from a time when his brain was slowly haemorrhaging and he'd die within a month or possibly 2 – 3 more so, his time – and the WAU's in the ARK – was limited… surely?
    I mean, if you made a copy of someone who was 105 and on their deathbed, about to die, all vital organs about to die, then surely this would be reflected in the 'copy', although I'm willing to admit the awareness of imminent death wouldn't be so powerful… I mean he might start whinging for more prune juice or that his pillow wasn't puffed up enough and all young nurses today weren't like they were 'in his day' and then bitch about how "young people have no respect for old people anymore", then complain about his "coffee not being the way he asked for it because the nurses have no respect for a poor old man of 105 years… he was in the war, you know?"]

    That's MY version and I'm sticking to it! [Besides, who the hell is Kate? I get the WAU is the electronic voice… where is Catherine Chun?… I was in the war, y'know?]


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