Speedway Racing first reactions | Nintendo Switch | Dayt-OOOOH… NOOOOO!


Join me as I take a first reaction look at Speedway Racing on the Nintendo Switch. This one has all promise of being a great homage to Daytona USA from SEGA, but is it Dayt-oh-no, or Dayt-oh-YES!?

Find out more about the game here;

In Speedway Racing, you will enjoy the fastest, most spectacular races at over 350 Km/h, avoiding multiple collisions against 20 rivals.

There are several modes available, including Championship, Arcade and 4-player multiplayer.

There is also an online leader board where you can compare your best times with those of your friends and players from around the world.

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  1. Was also going to buy game thought id search gameplay 🤔 omfg lucky i diddnt buy 5.99 sale price aint even worth it

  2. this game kinda looks like Rally Rock 'N Racing on the switch, the graphics, handling, menu and count down.

    but that game is made by EnjoyUp games and the game you are playing is made by PowerUp games.

    there is something fishy going on, probably the same dev using the same engine, but asset flipping or reusing the same game but for different genres

  3. Is it possible that this game is really great and it’s actually your driving skills that are so bad…?
    You seemed to cause carnage all over the track…!

  4. "it's copying daytona"

    NASCAR wasn't based off of Daytona
    Daytona Was Based Off Of NASCAR

    This is an Unofficial NASCAR Game
    Not A Daytona Rip Off.

  5. I was VERY tempted to pick this up seeing how it's on sale today but after seeing this, thanks for saving me $6…

  6. Currently developing a Daytona-inspired game and I shitted my pants when I saw this on the e-shop. Glad my idea is still safe.

  7. Hey Nintendo what did you fucking made with the cockpit views in racing games???? Even game boy get it, nes and snes.
    N64 only got Nascar and that was the end (for europe).
    Why the fuck Europe Nintendo players would NOT like cockpit views??
    Sorry i am not anger. I am in HUGE ANGER.

  8. So I don't play Nascar to race I mostly play it to drive backwards on the course and cause huge crashes will the game stop me from driving backwards on the course and lastly can you edit the amount of laps in a race to a really large number?

  9. Bought this on day one, wish I had watched reviews first, was hoping for a smooth Daytona kind of game. What I got was a steaming pile of crap, handling is awful and crash physics, don't buy this rubbish!

  10. I like that the camera is high so you can actually see the road ahead lol…a lot of modern racing games put the camera too low, that you own car block the road view.

  11. I definitely did not like what I was seeing from this. It feels like proper racers, let alone arcade racers, are seemingly difficult to come by for Nintendo Switch users.

  12. SO because the dev didn't give you the game for free, that's a red flag? And the 30% off was a launch discount, which A LOT of games have. I tuned out after hearing these two statements.


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