SqlDataAdapter in ADO.NET Part 10


In this video we will learn about
1. SqlDataAdapter in ado.net
2. DataSet in asp.net

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  1. Dear Venkat,
    I will keep my comments very simple.

    string myCommentToVenkat = "Thank You";

    Your Student

  2. If you use an Application , and not web, you should use at the end another thing.

    dataGridView.DataSource = ds.Tables[0] (if you dispose of only a DataSet)

    Thank you for your tutorials kudvenkat !! 🙂

  3. hi Venkat. incase if i have multiple gridviews(say example 3) then how should i use NextResult() method on each ResultSet

  4. Hello, Sir, Could you please tell me what are the basic differences between SqlDataAdapter and SqlCommand and when to use one over another ?

  5. sir i have a question for you.i had developed a desktop application by using hardware finger print device .application work very fast on my pc but after making installer and deploy on server application response is very slow and give thumb impression result is very slow .25 second slow response.what the reason behind. please help me

  6. Hello sir,
    we can pass multiple inline query with SqlDataAdapter.
    Is there possible to pass multiple stored procedure with SqlDataAdapter?

  7. sir ur videos r awsm,but upload some videos on form view,list view,etc.As u have uploaded only abt gridview control…

  8. first let me say ur videos are awesome. its very clear what u want us to learn here. now lets say if i were to create a store procedure to extract one single data value from a record (lets say for example a name by itself) and assign it to a textbox or a label instead of a grid view. how would i have done that?

  9. DataAdapter is actually like a burglar. "He" has a (Connection) to know where the good stuff is (Data), he doesn't need anyone to (Open) the connection, he opens it with his own tools, he takes the good stuff and stuffs his pockets with it (DataTable) and then he gets home, gets all the stuff out of his pockets and arranges it neatly on his desk (DataSet).
    Venkat, you are a gift from programming heaven. You really have a knack of explaining things. I'm learning more from your videos than from an in class education I went to.

  10. Great videos! I love how you emphasize everything over and over in each video to just embed it into our brains!! Blessed you are!

  11. Really good way of teaching. very smart way. I love your way of teaching thank you so much sir… I watched ADO.NET from video 1 to 10 really useful. Thanks again @venkat sir….

  12. Thanks Venkat Sir for ur active anticipation.
    Great work done!.Its really needful thought suggested by u.
    ONE COMPLIMENTENTARY award tht i can hand over 2 u("GENIUS")


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