Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Saddle Up with Yoshi


Yoshi Star Galaxy – Mission 1
Saddle Up with Yoshi

After Mario finds himself on Lubba’s starship, this is the next mission available. Yoshi gets introduced to this game pretty early on, and his appearances in games as of late seems indicative of fan demand more than anything. Well, his appearances as a playable character. (I count him as playable in this game.)

By this, I include Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. (The Mario Kart, Smash Bros., and Mario Party games don’t count because they have an ensemble of playable characters and Yoshi is a core member of all of them from the start.) Whenever a major or even a semi-minor Mario Bros. game comes along, and Yoshi is absent, it gets people demanding for Yoshi to be in the next game. Usually, he is. Sometimes, I feel that he doesn’t quite fit in, but I know the designers tried. Super Mario Galaxy 2 definitely counts; he is not important to the plot in any way, and functionally, he counts as a power-up with power-ups built around him. Not that I don’t like Yoshi being here, but he seems like he doesn’t fit in.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is another example. While he is important to some points in the game, both story-wise and gameplay-wise, notice that he is the only partner in the series whose species was introduced before the game he or she is in and not an enemy. Besides Yoshi and the Pixls, you have Mario befriending two Goombas, two Koopas, two Bob-ombs, a Paratroopa, a Boo, a Lil Sparky, a Cheep Cheep, a Lakitu, a Wind Spirit (introduced in Paper Mario 2), a Shadow Siren (introduced in Paper Mario 2), and a Squeek. Yoshi’s presence stands out.

As for this mission, this is a pretty long one, but it introduces you to what Yoshi can do pretty well. The entire stage is dependent on Yoshi, but it’s okay if you lose him–there’s always a Yoshi nest nearby where his egg will warp to.

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  1. @Overhazard

    I can see where your coming from.

    The thing is, theres a distinction. Theres more ways that yoshi can be used. I agree with new super mario bros. he wasnt used well, however, as we can respect each others opinions, I thought he was used in galaxy 2 very well, super mario world cant be beat as thats his best performance, but galaxys wasnt crappy either, especially with the fruits altering some gameplay and his boss fights were memorable.

  2. @Overhazard Probably because she's forgettable (at least to me). When I play Paper Mario, I find myself using her in the Lava Piranha battle because her Tidal Wave attack tears it apart, but aside from that, she doesn't see much battle.

  3. Cool! Even Super Mario Galaxy 2's introduction levels are crazy awesome! Interesting observations about Yoshi as well-I like him too, but I believe that if he's not in a game, that just means the developers couldn't figure out how to put him in well enough…'sides, we all know what happens when the fans are allowed to take the reins…

    Also, tiny nitpick, but it's "Sliver", not "Silver". It's an injoke-don't ask.

  4. First time on this level was one of the best moment of my life.

    Im sure most of us ran around for 10 minutes because of the sheer awesomness feeling of riding yoshi for the first time.


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