The Best Brushes For Concept Art? – Concept Art Basics – Digital Painting


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What are the best brushes for concept art? Is there even such a thing? Some tips and advice on the subject!

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  1. Hi sir. I wanted to get a hold of your awesome brushes. Sent an email notification already sir. Thank you for Ur great work

  2. Good Day Walid Feghali. I just received your Free Evenant > Brush Pack, saw it on Facebook. When I click on the icon after downloading…my Photoshop 2019 opens.. I opened an image to try them out but couldn't find them in my brush section.. am I missing something? is that were their supposed to be… Where do I go to find them ? Please help.

  3. When I need help with something art-related I look up a bunch of stuff on YouTube and somehow, I always end up at one of your videos. It really puts a smile on my face, like seeing an old friend haha

  4. i just want a useful brush pack that'll make it easier to cut corners so my tendinitis doesn't constantly get in the way of my drawing lmfao

  5. Sir !!! I just get the control of Photoshop default round brushes … But for some big size colour blocking and shading sometimes I needed some square brushes , so I downloaded some textured square , rectangular brushes … But the problem is I can not blend properly with brushes … And when I am dragging it virtually it giving a choppy line because of it's iragullar shape ,
    Can you help me by giving a solution

  6. والله من يوم دخلت المقطع عرفت انك عربي مدري ليه ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههہَ ة ˛⁽ 💔😹 "̮ ₎ ˛هُ ˛

  7. Did you changed your brush set? I downloaded and it looks like it is different from you are using, no cloud brush, no soft one few splashes.

  8. Just wondering if there is a video going over your brush pack. You mentioned it in a couple of your videos but cannot seem to find it

  9. I think the download link is broken, all you can see is a text that says "{{Privy:Embed campaign=316826}}" even tried in different computers and still won't work

  10. Morning! I have just downloaded the pack of brushes and I have to say that the organization paradigm of the brushes is very professional! The section of the sort of brushes to choose was a very good idea. All the best, mate!

  11. well i visited the link u gave in the description but i couldnt find the download link for the brushes ,its just the description of those brushes ,plz help me

  12. Almost every pro artist I know only use 1-3 (usually 1) brushes. They all say the same thing too. Using too many brushes will slow down your work flow, make your paintings less consistent and brings down your style


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