THE LINE ZEN by KetchApp Review | BuildBox Game Maker – iOS Gameplay (Android, iPhone, iPad)


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Download The Line Zen App by KetchApp & Trey Smith for FREE!
Release date is Thursday, April 30 2015!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch):
Android: Release Date April 30 2015!
BuildBox Game Maker:

This game is the sequel to 2014’s KetchApp game The Line. There are new obstacles to avoid. This game is made by Trey Smith – the founder of the GamesAcademy – with a software called BuildBox. BuildBox is a drag and drop game maker with no coding required. Games like Phases or Bounce were made using this software. We got a high score record of 65, what is your highscore?

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  1. New highscore 339 first in the world I'm putting out a challenge if anyone can beat my score then I will congratulate them in a video and this is by far my most favorite game by ketchapp


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