This is NOT a GameBoy Game


Big thanks to Krikzz for sending this to me. This is by far the coolest thing I own right now and I absolutely love it.

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  1. As always Elliott you covered the subject thoroughly and honestly. The bottom line is as always if you want a cheap alternative, the cheap alternative exists, but if you want something with quality and durability, you get what you pay for.

  2. i never got any of those flashcards because of, yeah, too much games avaiable and i can't focus on one properly.
    but someday i'll probably mod my gba with a backlight monitor because in the last years i got some games for my old dmg and nes, but i never played the first ones too much because using the old dgm and gba screens hurt me so much.
    but at that point, getting a flashcard may be a good idea too..

    PS, i got both zelda oracle of ages and oracle of season, boxed, seeing that they're sold at that price makes me pretty happy, i kept them as relics, so i may just sell them and get the money for both upgrades easily, but i'll probably wont do that.

  3. Yeah. This is stupid. If I wanted 99999999 games in the same device, I'd just build a raspberry or some other shit. I want the full GBC experience. And I'm buying only original cartridges too 🙂

  4. The Everdrives are great! Really good quality cartridges. I bought the Everdrive V3 from Krikzz 4 years ago for my Mega Drive, which I've used for chiptune live sets and it's very reliable. Sure, I could've bought a cheaper one from China, but the Everdrive guarantees reliability for when you play in front of a crowd of people!

  5. Jesus…. A flashcart for a 20+ year old over $100?? That's a total rip off. This guy is absolutely taking advantage. There is no way there is any good reason to charge that much. I bought a NDS flashcart for less than that when the NDS was still modern.


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