Paperboy was released by Atari Games in 1984 and was licenced out to Tiger in 1988. Tiger Electronics was found over 30 years ago and became one of the biggest named brands of the 1980’s and 1990’s.

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The music in this video is licenced from www.royalty-free.tv and the tracks included are 1.Action_Cue_-_Car_Race_Commercial_cut_(standard_licence) 2.Beats_51_Main_Theme_(standard_licence)

1.Action_Cue_-_Car_Race_Commercial_cut_(standard_licence) followed by 2.Beats_51_Main_Theme_(standard_licence) The music i have used for this video i bought from and i have the licence to use the music synchronised in an audio/visual context non-exclusively worldwide ( i also have a copy of the licence that was sent to me once i had purchased the music dated 15/12/2011 and 20/08/2011

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  1. I had the Paperboy Tiger Game ! Played the hell out of it. When you start getting the loose tires rolling down, it gets super fast and hard !

  2. I know this video is old as shit but your collection makes makes me happy, sad and jealous at the same time. I had the "talking baseball" one that would do commentary for the whole game. I had a pile of random TIGER ELETRONICS handhelds. I had the "MORTAL KOMBAT® TIGER BARCODZZ™" card swipy one. I had ALL of the 3-D ones you would look through like binoculars with the buttons on top that were back lit and in color. I had the god damn GAME.COM! I had SO MANY of these back in the day until I got my first GameBoy. Nothing but fond memories.

  3. Got paperboy for Christmas at age 10. Just got another one on eBay after 24 of losing my last one, and not playing it for so long!

  4. I had Double Dragon LCD game, it was good, but I not good with this gaming when I was 5 or 6. Good times. Also Simon Quest Castlevania was not bad game. My dad played it too.

  5. yea, instead of throwing papers at the windows of non subscribers, throw flaming poop bags at their windows, lol. thatl teach them to subscribe!

  6. Funny stuff! I love you getting hit with those papers! I can imagine your wife hurling them at you..LOL! Great video..very informative, I don't know too much about those old Tiger handhelds. Love the channel Brother…take care!

  7. @Chipsturs I actually went digging through my drawers and found the old cartridge. And unlike my 2 year old Xbox games, (that I am not responsible for destroying) it still works.

  8. You know its a good relationship when the significant other is allowed to throw objects at you. Well at least she found a good way to get her rage out.

  9. can't wait to see more man, love these lcd handhelds wish i had some though i do remember something similarish as a kid, i had a donkey kong gameboy thing but it was bubble bath and once all the soap stuff had run out you could fill it with water to play with it, it was awesome and it was donkey kong from DK country not the original.

  10. I had one of these when I was younger but I think it was Paperboy 2, also had a Sonic the Hedgehog one too I think. Wonder what happened to them.

  11. Haha nice, I've never played this particular one , but I couldn't hep but lol at the constant editing of the paper hitting you in he face 😀

  12. Loved the stop motion intro! Paper Boy is a video game classic! I loved the bonus stages at the end. Looks like an awesome handheld too! Great vid!!!


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