Best Pokemon Sun and Moon Quotes! Top 10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Quotes video since the writing in Pokemon Sun and Moon is fantastic! The story and dialogue in Sun and Moon made me experience many different emotions while also having me laugh constantly. The best Pokemon sun and moon quotes are really amazing and I hope you guys think so to! Pokemon sun and moon funny quotes.
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  1. One of my favorite things about USUM is that Nanu lets the team Skull grunt that was sitting outside the police station "Catsit" one of his Meowths. Not only that, but the grunt secretly named it after him. This whole series of shenanigans is just the most adorable thing.

  2. This is why team skull is the best team in pokemon game history, cuz they are the only group who don't have a goal for using the legendary pokemon for destruction. Plus I think (correct me if I'm wrong) guzma is the only boss of a team who has had a shitty background with being abused by his dad….it makes me wonder what would have happened to him if he wasn't abused? But still team skull will remain as my favourite team of all time I love them. Change my mind.

  3. True story: the totem salazel absolitely terrified me. I purposely avoided things that talked about new pokemon before I got the games, so I was really freaked out when this creepy gangly black and magenta thing popped up

  4. Weird thing me and a friend started doing: Whenever we talk about evil teams, instead of saying ‘grunt’ we make grunt-y noises. Team Plasma grunt noises Team Magma grunt noises Team Skull grunt noises

  5. F for Team Rocket to blast them off again
    F for Team Magma to try and help them win
    F for Team Galactic to help them wake up a universe
    And an F for Team Plasma so that they can buy a hearse
    And most important thing to comment on this video
    Is a big fat F for Team Skull, yo.

  6. I agree with yo bro! I love team skull and Guzma because their pretty unique from all the other teams

  7. A thing to note about the Team Skull grunt girls quotes is that not only do they comment on how they should put their names on stuff but also that one grunt has a larger chest than the other. xD


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