Unboxing: Highlander The Board Game & Princes Of The Universe Expansion


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Sam and Justin take some time to unbox Riverhorse’s magnificent 80s classic; Highlander The Board Game.

In what seems to be Sean Connery’s best role since never* Highlander is a quick fire game where you fight it off against your opponent to claim the prize. There are six immortals in the core box but with the Princes of the Universe Expansion you can add some more variety to your games.

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  1. So i guess you missed the dice and then you missed a whole set of cards in the expansion ….
    Yeah im definetly gonna skip this channel

  2. I've not seen the minis in person, but they looked a little soapy in previous videos. I hope that was resolved before final release.

  3. The Highlander TV show was awesome. But, have you seen that one movie about how that baby was the "one"? Ugh…

  4. Loved the film, although it hasn’t aged well. Not sure this game is for me tbh but I’d be interested to see it played. My daughter loves the Labyrinth game from this company!

  5. Not having seen the film, until I watched the CinemaSins review of it, I always thought Sean Connery played the main character. 😅

  6. Heeeeere we are. Click on the links, we're the princes of the comment-vers! Heeeeere we belong, Typing to survive in a world with the darkest comments!

  7. Much like knowing what THAC0 is, being able to quote Highlander or explain it’s lore is a great litmus test for the millennial ‘cool to be a geek’ crowd.

    “Thanks for the Unboxing,” sincerely,
    10-year-old me.

  8. Im sure its for consistency, but watch out where you place the ribbon, or adjust the timing so when a host is pointing to a product or showcasing it, you don't cover it up with your graphics.

  9. pretty sure the Egyptian is Ramirez… If i remember correctly he tells Connor he is Egyptian right after he calls him a Spanish Peacock.


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