[unitale] Storyshift DEVILOVANIA Chara battle final update! [undertale fangame]


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  1. creator of this game make little mistake… Why when player fight with ss chara he see ghost of sans! But AFTER beating chara we need kill king sans… Its mistake in story!

  2. Here’s how I feel about some of the popular AUs and the final genocide fights. Underfell, Just like Undertale except less gut wrenching. Underswap, I like it and like Papyrus taking Sans place but I don’t feel the same as if it were Undertale. With Outertale it feels a lot like Underswap except it’s like Undertale. I like it though it could be better. I love Ink!Sans’s battle but it could be better. That’s why I like Storyshift. Because it takes what was made in Undertale and doesn’t change a lot in the story while also having some gut wretching sadness. The way Chara fights during the section with Asriel is just so sad. The sadness and broken words of Asriel at the end is especially sad.

  3. Meanwhile in the throne room:

    Sans: humming to himself


    Sans: the heck is that music tho

    Also I like how Chara is making big threats and the player is taking NO damage.

  4. In soul shatter the 1phase of story shift has a diff theme idk what it is buts its better then this and the sec phase 2 Has this theme music in soul shatters

  5. Chacters
    1 Frisk(you)
    2 Chara(with hood)
    3 Papyrus
    4 Alphys
    5 Asriel
    6 Toriel
    7 Muffet
    8 Asgore
    9 Undyne
    10 Sans(king)
    11 Flowey(Boogie)
    12 Determined Chara
    13 Chara(prety to die)

  6. So i guess in this version of StoryShift, Chara is the LAST enemy you encounter? Which makes sense i guess, You wouldn't get enough EXP for LOVE 20 from King Sans or Boogie. So you still would need to kill Chara for it. I guess they just heard what happened this time, and did something that the original timeline's King and Soulless Flower didn't do. They tried to stop you. And now there is, As most 1st Fallen roles would say:
    *1 left.


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