UPDATE and DELETE – SQLite3 with Python 3 part 5


Up to this point with our SQLite and Python tutorial series, you have been shown how to create a database, a table, how to insert data, and how to read data. In this tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to modify existing data, as well as how to delete data.

It is important to note that there are no undos when it comes to SQL. Once you delete something, or once you modify it, that’s that. Take your time, read over, and re-read your queries before you do them!

Sample code and text tutorial:


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  1. Thanks , very good. Please I have a question. How I can insert output of radio button to a database using sqlite3

  2. Probably you don't need this anymore, but if someone will see this video and comment, I suppose that the c.fetchall() returns a queue, so every time that you get a row out from this queue, you are deleting it from the memory or something like that. Just google queue in python for more info; i'm not expert in this, but this is interesting to know.

  3. Great tutorials, as always. Just wondering why at 4:11 three of the 8.0's you selected did not get replaced with 99.0's.

  4. how to delete something that user gave you, for example i asked user to input a name then i wanna delete that name from table

  5. If I ever see you in person, please let me buy you a meal and get your autograph as the GOAT for YT tutorials!!!

  6. Hi Harrison, i watched all your sqlite tutorials and that was very helpful for me as a beginner .. thank you very match 😉

  7. Nice video, I want to create for database connection, I have created with below code but not succeed
    import pyodbc

    def connect():

    conn = pyodbc.connect('Driver={SQL Server};'




    cur= conn.connection()

    return cur,conn

  8. I've just found your channel just today, after viewing you saying about Udemy stealing your stuffs;

    Is this series, contains only 5 videos!?
    I heard about 68+ videos, am I right!?


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