WEIRD Quotes In Pokemon Games! (Funny Pokemon Quotes)


There are a lot of weird or funny Pokemon quotes from various NPCs in Pokemon games, so today we will go over some funny Pokemon quotes!

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  1. Shorts stuff is indeed a bit of "lost in translation" stuff. Classes that are cnown as "youngster" and "lass" are called "boy in shirts" and "girl in skirt" in japan. So it kinda a bit of a japanese humor, making them so focused on stuff they wear as their only character trait

  2. So I found out about this a few days ago… so in Sun and Moon in the Game Freak office in Heahea City you can battle Morimoto and before you battle he says “whoops, I forgot to save before the battle… but I’m going to win anyway so it’s fine” which would be another fourth wall break

  3. Gotta love that one Juggler: "Oops! Dropped my balls!"
    I want to say that he was in the original Ruby & Sapphire, but I might be wrong…

  4. i recently started X, and when i got to that psychic guy, i took a picture of my game. never expected to see that here xD

  5. If my boss finds out about this, first I'll be fired, then the wife will divorce me."- construction worker 2016


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