Welcome to JURASSIC PARK! NEW World, NEW Dinos, NEW JOURNEY! | ARK Survival Evolved Modded Episode 1


Welcome to Jurassic ARK! Season 8 of modded ARK brings us back to a familiar setting, but gives us 30 NEW MODS to play with, bringing 100s of dinosaurs and weird creatures to tame!
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  1. Welcome to a New Series on the channel everybody! I really hope you enjoy this one! Thanks for the ongoing support, it means the world to me! I feel SO honored making content for you all on the daily! Enjoy!

  2. I love the Videos they are the funniest i was wondering what map you are using? HAVE THE BEST DAY AND GUYS LETS GET THIS MAN TO 750K SUBS!

  3. Dose anyone know dino simulator in Roblox? Cuz in dino simulator theres a dino called hothead and in the thumbnail is there a hothead mega

  4. Who just comes here for memories? Season 9 Will start this day i arleady watched that video where he tested 3 dinos .

  5. i rewatched the old vids with you, Lachy and the gang and I purchased ARK cuz of you guys and I love it so thank you

  6. I'm mad. I just found out mrmeola only has like 575k subs. He should have 5.75 Mill subs. He's an amazing youtuber.

  7. Did you just say KINGDADDYDMAC AND FROGGYMAN?!?! They are my favourite ark survival evolved YouTubers no offence I also have a little secret crash on Kingdaddydmac and froggyman…..😅

  8. MrMEOLA: 30! 30! 30!
    Me: you're making it sound like it's a real big deal, I got about 10 times that lol xD


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