[WIP] Chara Battle


Uploaded here for convenience (also I apologise if the volume is too loud, I didn’t notice until some people pointed it out)

I know this fight would never ever be possible, but, well, y’know. What if, right?

Fixed some errors from the version posted on my tumblr, such as the alignment of Chara’s text and its speed at the beginning. Also made Chara’s red dialogue silent because I’d forgotten.

Hope this is alright so far! Thanks for watching, and I hope to post the full fight later, along with other possible endings for it.

Animated in Flash CS6.

Tumblr post:
Battle theme:

Nguồn: https://chaoticpharmacology.com/

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  1. You're making Chara sound evil. Frisk MADE Chara evil. Chara os the one who says not to give up on the game over screen. And Chara allows you to Check other monster's stats.


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