Xenogears – All Characters' Victory and Defeat Quotes (English)


I hear a lot of complaints about the voice acting of Baten Kaitos 1 or Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but both of them have god-tier acting compared to this 😉

Not only is the acting objectively bad, but these quotes were obviously meant for combat and some of them are hilariously out of place in the card game – the only place where they are actually used outside of a select few boss battles.

00:00 Fei’s Victory
00:11 Fei’s Defeat
00:21 Elly’s Victory
00:32 Elly’s Defeat
00:43 Citan’s Victory
00:54 Citan’s Defeat
01:07 Bart’s Victory
01:19 Bart’s Defeat
01:28 Rico’s Victory
01:39 Rico’s Defeat
01:51 Billy’s Victory
02:04 Billy’s Defeat
02:16 Chu-Chu’s Victory
02:27 Chu-Chu’s Defeat
02:39 Emeralda’s Victory
02:50 Emeralda’s Defeat

Maria doesn’t say anything at all and adult Emeralda uses the same voice clips as child Emeralda.

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  1. For some reason I couldn't stop laughing back then when Bart went off screen and shouted "JERK", it was just so great and unexpected.


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