Young Riders Saddle Up on Hobbyhorses


Hobbyhorsing, a sport made up mostly of young girls, requires gymnastic control and athleticism to complete jumps over obstacles—all while controlling a horse on a stick. Photo: Tuffi Films

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  1. First of all we do not call our horses “steeds”, we call them our horses unless we are joking or trying to be funny. Second of all to the people who said that our “steeds” do all of the work that is truly incorrect. I invite you to come over to my barn and go jump a 3 foot fence on my green, hot, young, fresh af OTTB. Oh you don’t know what an OTTB is? I deeply apologize. 😐🙄

  2. You need to give your kids real horses because this is making the act like a deranged toddler 😂😂🐴😂😂😂😂😂😂🙄🙄🙄😕😕😕😕😕☹️☹️🙁🙁😕😕😟😟😔😔😔

  3. And i thought that quidditch is wierd. And i think riding, jumping and commanding a real horse does require more physical strenght, for those who stated that this is sport is more exhausting. You are NOT static on the back of a hores. And even riding a motorcycle requires a cirtain physical strenght and stamina although it has an engine. So saying this "sport" is more physical challenging than riding a real horse is absolutly wrong.

  4. Yes, I’m late. BUT. Guys, hobby horsing is a regular thing for some equestrians. Including me. I’m an equestrian, I hobby horse. I have friends who have been riding actual horses for years and hobby horse. Yes it’s not a very popular sport but don’t hate on it like those people who say actual horse riding isn’t a sport.

  5. if you want to do hobby horsing, you do you, i'm not judging. what makes me mad is when you call it a sport. riding real horses is deserving of being a sport, but this is just running and jumping, and there is already a sport for that. also, it is so offensive to actual equestrians to say that the horses just do all the work, as riding real horses actually takes way more practice, hard work, and dedication than this. so again, i'm not judging, just saying that this should not be a sport, and that statement that horses just do all the work when you are riding a real horse, is absolutely not true.

  6. Why can’t you just do normal, athletic, ya know, human stuff? Like sprinting, running, jogging. Why do you have to go around with a freakin stick and walk like a horse? Humans can jump hurdles on their own without stick horses 😂

  7. Not to be rude but that statement at the end really bugs me. REAL horseback riding takes a lot of strength from the rider. And the only reason there Steed doesn’t do all the work is because it’s not real it’s a stick with some fur on it. Again not trying to be rude

  8. Though it is impressive to jump that high, saying hobby horsing is a sport is like saying air guitar is music. It’s just not.

  9. What's the diffrence between this and soccer or football?! If this means i'm unique, than i'll do it! I don't want to be like eveyone else! I don't want to be a selfish person who sits around watching a game of football!!

  10. I think this is perfectly fine. BUT calling it a sport is taking it too far. I dont mind if these people want to do it but calling it a sport and comparing it to horse riding is not ok. But keep doing what your doing if you enjoy it 🙂

  11. It should be considered a “hobby” not a “sport” because it is an assault to the equestrians because of it considered a sport when really it’s a fake horse it’s fun I have one but it’s going a little far by it being a “sport” and having themselves doing everything requires no skill. No hate just think about what real equestrians have to deal with for an example “Does a little stick with a horse head way more than 1,000 Pounds I don’t think so. Can it buck bolt Kick or hurt u? No!” No hate but to far.

  12. This isn’t a sport. It’s a fun little thing. Sure it includes other sports like high jump but that’s about it. Real riders work way harder than these games.

  13. the comment about this being a sport where the rider does the work 👏 TRIGGERED👏ME👏 how do you explain how the horse slows down/speeds up on its own , or how the horse turns left or right. How does the horse get those perfect intricate moves correct on its own whilst doing dressage or how the horse remembers a jumping course etc, or how we know how to control an animal ten times our size huh?


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