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Thanks to Cleavage_Lover for the following Strategy Request:
Go Pitlord and show me your sexy Cleavage

Your Request is a new series where viewers can have a strategy or custom game played & put onto Youtube.

Want to request a 4v4 RT Strategy or even a custom game?

You can do so @ & Tip £13.37 to be credited & have your request fulfilled and posted as a Youtube Video!

Thanks for your support, much love, WTii ^~

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Produced by Rich “WTii” Langley
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Game: Warcraft 3 (The Frozen Throne)
Media: Gameplay Commentary
Version: 1.31
Mode: Multiplayer
Platform: PC
Genres: Real-time Strategy, Fantasy
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  1. Allies had a point, you should've used more bats, but they shouldn't end up in a situation where they rely solely on YOU to counter air. Orange fucked themself, blue suicided, and pink didn't seem too aggressive.

  2. Get a gaming router – didn't know if they were just a bunch of bullshit until I got one. Its the real deal.

  3. Your Warcraft 3 videos are literally one of the best types to watch because it's so funny what happens inside these games xD

  4. Hahahaa when it finally crashes, the ENTIRE UI is full of Pit Lord. Just a massive demon face overtaking the whole element. Perfect ending!

  5. Jeez this Art_Vandelay guy RQ'd twice in a row crying out "noobs" without fail every time, oh what beauty 4v4 RT is…

  6. Hey wtii. Maybe you've done it before, but how about some triple hero nuke with orc ? Like Tc shockwave – Far seer lightning – Maybe Panda breath of fire

  7. The funny thing about blue complaining about you not going bats in the first game was that you had a bat in your army at that time.


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